Happy ❤️Day lovelies!
Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring at the door. Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who’s there. ~ Rumi ——————————————————————

Super effective hip opener!

  1. From Downward Facing Dog, bring the right leg up into a three legged Down Dog
  2. Bend your right knee and bring that leg forward as if you were going to step into a lunge. Instead of placing your foot down, bring your right knee to the mat. The right shin may angle back towards the left hip or be more parallel to the front of your mat, depending on your flexibility.
  3. Square your hips towards the front of your mat.
    A folded blanket under the your right your hip may make the pose more comfortable.
    If you feel steady, bring your torso down into a forward bend over your right leg.
  4. Relax and let the weight of your body rest over your right leg. Place your forehead on the floor or a block.
    Continue to square your hips and keep breathing into any tight areas for the body.
  5. Release and rise up, bringing your hands in line with your hips.
  6. Curl your left toes under and step back into a Downward Facing Dog.
    5-7 breaths ~
  7. Repeat pigeon pose on the other side.



Quick Abs Workout!

Activate Your Core

The goal of a mat Pilates class is to strengthen the body’s “powerhouse,” a Pilates term that refers to your abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. This is done through a series of floor exercises. Props may be used such as, resistance bands and rings. The workout helps sculpt, tone, and build these muscles giving your body a long, sleek look.

The Workout:

Leg drops x10

Leg circles right and left x10

Opposite arm and knee reach x10

Double straight leg stretch x10

*Modify with knees bent.

*Repeat 3x’s through.

Music: Wander

Musician: @iksonofficial

With love and beauty,


Melanie McCloy

Wellness Wednesday

Rest and Relax.

Short and simple this week. I know the words rest and relax seem foreign to some people. To have an entire day dedicated to rest and relaxation is difficult most of the time. I find on the days I’m not working, I like slow down on purpose. Maybe meet friends for lunch, enjoy a spa day, get lost in a good book, stretch or binge watch lifetime movies. Whatever you decide to do, your body will thank you.

Until next time

A Mother’s love

I wanted to begin by saying that I love being a mom. I know I’m not alone with what I’m about to share. I can honestly say that being a mom was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had endless help from family and friends. I’m forever thankful. At times raising children in this day and age can be very challenging to say the least. There’s not a parenting handbook to reference, so I try to do what I feel is best for all of my children. As the years fly by and they start their own lives with jobs, school and friends, spending time with them becomes difficult. Every little moment means the world to me. I’ll wonder if they have brushed their teeth, put lotion or medicine on. Applied sunblock to protect against the sun. If they have eaten or are hungry or thirsty. The list is endless. I always think about them from morning until night. I will wait for that phone call to let me know they are home and safe. I don’t know everything about parenting, but I do know my love and strength for my children will never stop for anything. They are what keeps my heart beating.

Until next time~

Secrets to Success

•Trust yourself

•Don’t be afraid to fail


•Ignore the naysayers

•Work like hell

•Give something back

Trust yourself to go after what you want. Take time to find out what your goals mean to you. Write down what you want to achieve and put in the effort each day. Work like crazy! Review and evaluate periodically, some goals may shift or change. Ignore negative people. Some people just don’t know how to be supportive or helpful. By following these steps and practicing your goals, you’ll have what it takes to succeed. Always give back. ~

Melanie ❤️

Avoiding the Holiday Pounds

Let’s face it, during the holiday season it’s hard to say no to that last piece of pumpkin pie or even an second glass of wine. Here are some tips to help combat the weight gain this season.

  1. Drink your H2O. Make sure you’re staying  properly hydrated is important. Not to confuse thirst with hunger.
  2. Bring fruit to potlucks. This way you will be bringing the leftovers home.
  3. Try a mid day workout.
  4. Take a brisk walk after dinner.
  5. Hold the whip cream please! Skip the extras like toppings and sauces. Moderation is the key.
  6. Checking out in you local grocery store… try calf raises or glute squeezes.
  7. Workout in the AM.  You will  be in a good mood all day!
  8. Sleep!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you have a sweet tooth, these are perfect and oh so yummy!

I love Chia pudding! The possibilities are endless.

✔️The consistency reminds me of rice pudding.

✔️Chia seeds are high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and calcium.

✔️Chia contains more antioxidants than any other whole food, even blueberries.

✔️The seeds expand almost ten times their size.


  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 3 tablespoons of any sweetener, such as maple syrup, agave nectar, or coconut sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup white chia seeds (1 1/2 ounces)
  • 1/2 cup of mixed berries
  • Top with : fresh fruit, coconut, chocolate (my favorite), granola or whatever you like
  • Stir the coconut milk, almond milk, sweetener, vanilla, in a pint glass jar. Mix in the chia seeds until evenly dispersed.
  • Refrigerate overnight to thicken the pudding. Chia pudding is set when the seeds swell to almost double their size and have a cloudy area of gel around them. Top with fresh fruit, toasted coconut, or toasted nuts.

Store for at least 4 hours or overnight and enjoy the next morning,


Pick-Me-Up and Flow

I was definitely in need of a quick flow to get my energy up.
I’m sharing with you a sneak peak of my personal practice today.

✨Use this asana to feel rejuvenated 🙂

The speed of the video is x1.5.

I hope you enjoy.


Ten Essential Heart Chakra Affirmations.

Heart chakra – the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy is located in the center of the chest at the heart level.

This Chakra allows us to connect the body, mind, and spirit and come together.

  1. I am fully open to giving and receiving love.
  2. I love myself unconditionally.
  3. My heart is open.
  4. I create loving and supportive relationships.
  5. I choose to see myself and others in a compassionate light.
  6. I deeply and truly accept myself.
  7. I am peaceful.
  8. I choose love everyday.
  9. I forgive myself of my mistakes and I’ll grow from them.
  10. Release and let go of all resentment.

The people around you will feel your energy of non-judgement, peace, energy, kindness, and caring.

Start with these affirmations in the morning anytime of the day.